Every year, we recognise outstanding academic achievement and outstanding work ethic. Some awards came with gift cards provided by the Jeparit Lions Club and others from the school.


Awarded to Max, Bella & Hollie For demonstrating JPS school values:

  • Has achieved and improved in their learning
  • Respects safety for all
  • Has demonstrated that they are creative and takes risks
  • Shows integrity, teamwork and respect for others
  • Respects diversity and is fair


Academic Achievement (Top 4% in a subject) ($50 each): Gina, Elora, Max and Eamon

Academic Achievement (Top 10% in a subject) ($25 each): Faith, Natahlia and Cianna


Academic Achievement ($50 each): Gina, Elora and Faith.


Academic Achievement ($50): Gina


Academic Achievement ($25): Montanna

Academic Improvement: Josh, Noah

Behaviour ($50, $30, $20): Montanna, Flynn, Serah

Teachers’ Choice: Kayden


Attendance: Montanna

Behaviour ($50, $30, $20): Montanna, Phoebe, Tenae

English ($25): Bryce, Jaydah

Maths ($25): Brodie, Kierra


Academic Achievement ($25): Brodie and Jaydah

Attendance ($25): Clarissa, Phoebe, Georgia

Behaviour ($50, $30, $20): Kierra, Montanna, Phoebe

Art: Sky

Music: Mitchell

Science: Tabitha


Japanese: anonymous*

* Students listed as anonymous never have their name or photo on the school website or in the newsletter at their parents’ request. They receive their award on stage on concert night along with all other students.

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