In both classes, students work on Maths daily for at least an hour.

The school uses Maths Plus as the basic text and Mathletics for individual development, on-line.

Rank size of gold nuggetsAs much as possible,  Maths learning is practically based and linked to other areas.

During the Gold Rush studies, we made a rank-size graph of the biggest nuggets in the world.  We found 4 size groups: from 1-5 kg, 15-20 kg, 25-30 kg and the whopping 70-75 kg. We also made a timeline of the discoveries- timelines are a mathematical skill used especially in history.

For a maths activity for a Melbourne Cup link, we measured out the digestive system of a horse stretched out to its full length and it went almost half way around the main school building!  (Measurements I used were : neck and oesophagus 1 m; stomach and small intestine 21m, cecum 1m, colon 3.5m, rectum 3.5m= total 30m)

Vee Huff and Jeanie Clark, class teachers.

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