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jps-gardenp1150352There is Biological Science all around us in our beautiful grounds.  We have lots of different plants and creatures sharing the school grounds with us.  We also have food garden plots and an orchard behind them. Some trees have fruit on them.   It’s a great place to be in the UN Decade of Biodiversity 2011-2020,  aiming at Living in Harmony with Nature.

harkness-bottlebrush-planting-book-p1150610Three garden plots were planted in 2010.  Some of those plants (the native bush food Pigface) are still growing in them. The fruit trees were planted a couple of year later. Another garden was established in 2010 where a classroom once was.

We also planted a Harkness Bottlebrush for the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity as part of Green Wave – the global planting. The 2010 Juniors wrote a book about the kind of life that it would support as it grew bigger.

On the last day of school, we read that book, while under a nearby shady tree You can read that here:  jps-harkness-callistemon-planted-2010 . It takes a long time to grow a tree- it is not very tall yet, but it did have red flowers in spring.

jps-entrance-garden-p1150351We have plants from all 4 levels – ground cover, bottom, middle and top. There are many birds, little lizards and insects living in our grounds too and a fish tank inside.

With the big gums and their pink flowers in early summer, there were so many birds in our trees. Looking closely at the blossom, there were bees and ants feeding on it too. We all enjoy the shade they provide.Bees need blossum p1150348

On the last day of school, we had a Treasure Hunt to see what living things we could find in our grounds to match the photos on these sheets.  You can try it too : biodiversity-in-jps-schoolyard

Jeanie Clark, 2010 science teacher.


Last Updated: 4 August 2019

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