Civics and Citizenship (snr)

Helping out others is a part of citizenship, with many and varied opportunities.

Each Monday morning we help our neighbour- the hospital- by bringing in the bins for them. There are other events during the year in which we participate.

Commemorating the Great War / World War One  in 2016 :

As a whole school we made a big display on the theme of Lest We Forget for Anzac Day– and kept it up on display in the office area for the year.

On Remembrance Day, both the seniors and the juniors rehearsed poems to read to each other.

capts-read-flander-fieldsp1150071In  the morning, the seniors also made a wreath.  It had red Bottlebrush/Callistemon flowers picked from the school gardens.  Each flower had a card naming a different theatre of war from the Great War.  (These are commemorated on the circular discs on the staircases at the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne, and photos of them can be found on pages  11-16 of this virtual tour of the Shrine  )

In the afternoon, the seniors went to the town memorial and park. The school captains read the In Flanders Fields poem again there, and laid our wreath on the monument. Two girls did a ribbon dance to remind us that we celebrate the end of the War on the 11th November.

Jeanie Clark, senior class teacher.

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