jeparit-ps-presenters-in-menzies-squareMenzies Square was opened in December 2016.  It is partly on the site where Sir Robert Menzies family had their shop in the 1890’s to 1900’s.

Sir Robert Menzies was Australia’s longest serving prime minister.

As part of this Opening, Jeparit Primary School was invited to sing the National Anthem and provide a short presentation about Menzies life- especially as it fitted in to Jeparit’s history.  The group of year 2 and 4-6 students, in the photo did so.

Menzies summaryThe following presentation covers a brief history of Jeparit, when the Menzies family came to Jeparit, and Robert Menzies childhood in Jeparit, and the rest of Sir Robert Menzies life.  Please open  this pptx:  menzies-jeparit-ps-presentation

Menzies at Jeparit
Robert Menzies was a student at Jeparit Primary School. We have a large mural of him on a wall at the school. Later in life he said “The main thing is that you should be doing your best. It might not be as good as someone else’s best, but you must still do your best.”

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Jeanie Clark, 2016 Senior class teacher

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