Our Songs

Here are some of the songs we learn.

The saxophone plays on the 7th beat. The bell plays on the 8th beat. We play along on drums and triangles.

In B minor and D major. Recorders, xylophone and glockenspiels play on B and D. Piano and keyboards play stride chords in B minor and D major.

We sing along with this one. It teaches us the Italian alphabet.

Some of us can play this on piano.

We play this song together. Glockenspiels and piano play the melody. Xylophone plays harmony. Keyboard plays tonics as an organ.

This is in C major. The teacher plays piano and we sing along and get faster and faster.

We play this on the pianola at the hospital. It’s about a kitten running along a piano.

We saw the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra play this song.

We sing this in class and and at the hospital.

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