Jeparit is one of the minority of schools that devotes the recommended time to learning foreign languages. Children in the junior class study Italian for 135 minutes each week. In the senior class, children take 165 minutes of Italian every week.

Children in Asia and Europe excel at learning other languages because of the time allocated and the method of instruction. As much as possible, lessons are conducted in the language children are learning. Likewise in Jeparit, most information and instructions are given in Italian only, with harder concepts being explained in both Italian and English. Questions are asked in Italian and the children respond in Italian. This way, the children get as much exposure as possible to the language and they learn the way they learn their native language.

Methods of instruction match the children’s stage of language development. The younger classes focus almost entirely on spoken language, with music and movement forming an essential part of each lesson. Older children spend around half their time on writing and reading, with explicit instruction on Italian grammar, spelling and pronunciation. Older children also have Italian cooking classes thanks to parent volunteers.

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