At Jeparit Primary School, since 2017, we have chosen to study Auslan. Initially this was because it was important for communication with one of our students. Now it is for consistency so that students do not have to chop and change all the time. Auslan is a recognised language within the VRQA approved languages for studying at schools. You will be aware that often on news reports we see someone alongside an official translating their words into Auslan for deaf viewers.

Whilst in Victoria, we use the Victorian Curriculum for studies, the parent product, (The Australian Curriculum), website lists many benefits including:

  • development of neural pathways and cognitive processes unique to using a visual language
  • capacity to communicate with peers, friends and family members who use Auslan
  • improved capacity for visual-gestural communication
  • access to alternative ways of thinking and expressing ideas
  • opportunities to develop and reinforce social justice values
  • awareness of deafness as difference rather than as disability

I had the pleasure of teaching Auslan basics across various categories in 2017 and 2018, such as sport, transport, food and many others. Some signs, such as the ones for baby, tennis and uncertain are easily recognised by even non-Auslan users. However, most are very clever and make sense such as three fingers poking into a palm meaning a fork.

In 2019 our students have been making further gains in Auslan. Our teacher, Miss Butler, has attended various courses to enhance her Auslan teaching skills and she has a real passion for delivering Auslan. Our Auslan classes are great to watch.


Last Updated: 4 August 2019



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