Jeparit Primary School offers a variety of subjects throughout its Foundation to Year 6 Curriculum.


In both classes, students work on Maths daily for at least an hour. The school uses Maths Plus as the basic text and Mathletics for individual development, on-line. As much as possible,  Maths learning is practically based and linked to other areas of learning.

Physical Education (PE)

Jeparit Primary School provides Physical Education to its students


Students are taught typing and how to utilize the internet in a safe environment provided by the department of education and trainings internet filtering and staff supervision. All Students are provided their own individual device throughout their enrollment at Jeparit Primary School. Computers are used in multiple subjects for information gathering and/or utilizing web applications such as Mathletics for Math and Reading Eggs for English to enhance student learning. This provides a understanding of the foundations technology use that can be enhanced in the future.


Jeparit Primary School provides optional Musical lessons for aspiring Musicians.


Reading, writing, speaking and listening are the essential skills for every school subject. That’s why English takes first priority in our timetable. From 9:00 to 11:00 each day, all students in the school have their English classes. Jeparit Primary School also provides students the online application Reading Eggs which provides students with a interactive and fun way to learn to read.


This is an exciting subject and do many practical exercises to learn science in a memorable and interesting way. Heating and cooling various substances, monitoring the Wimmera River water quality and robotics are just a few of the topics covered.


Jeparit Primary School Provides Arts and crafts lessons to its students.


Jeparit Primary School provides education in the following humanities subjects Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Economics and History.

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